Quick F.Y.I.

It’s high time I declared the woeful neglect of this blog a “hiatus,” doncha think?

(Plenty of ideas and posts in the docket, just no time/motivation to make them palatable.)

Hope to return…eventually.


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2 responses to “Quick F.Y.I.

  1. Yeah, it’s hard to find the energy to do something that too frequently is its own reward. I’ve let my own blog go a bit in that regard. But I hope you do find the motivation — for the blog, but also in whatever it is you want to do that feels like more than getting by (as hard as that can be).


    • Thank you. Might try to get back into it soon…freed up some time recently by divesting myself of a different “extracurricular” commitment. Hope you find the energy and inspiration, as well…or maybe you already have, since you posted this almost 200 days ago.


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