A Quick Note of Gratitude

I’ve been overwhelmed by the response my previous post has received and am humbled that it resonated with people from so many different backgrounds. It’s somehow comforting to know that so many of us share an uneasy relationship with our heritage, whatever that heritage might be.

I wrote that personal essay because I had to; it was time to express what had gone unexplored for so long. I did not really expect anyone besides of my family and friends (and perhaps a handful of followers) to read it. The kind editors of Freshly Pressed had other ideas.

Gaining a larger readership was not the plan–besides, I prefer to think of us as a [buzz word alert!] community. Much less stressful that way. As a contributor to our little segment of the blogosphere, I feel I should be upfront about what to expect from “Contemporary Contempt,” especially for those of you who haven’t had time to poke around.

This blog is a collection of thoughts on disparate issues and cultural artifacts. Updates are irregular, as are the topics. Whim-sical, if you will. For those of you who stick around, I look forward to our conversations as we move forward.

Here’s to thinking and being!


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One response to “A Quick Note of Gratitude

  1. KT Brison

    Even this post is insightful, so I look forward to all others. 🙂


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