Arbitrary Meditation: 5 Years of Contempt

Monday marked 5 years since this blog’s “Hello, World” post.

My impulse to comment upon this anniversary was followed by a feeling that such comment is a conditioned response to the cultural tendency to endow certain numbers with significance, especially when related to anniversaries.

Numbers ending in 5 or 0 are somehow more worth noting than those ending in, say, 2 or 8. This is, of course, due in part to our reliance on a base 10 number system, but there must be more to it than that.

We want to remember, but only at intervals. To remember more often becomes burdensome, unremarkable, and produces diminishing returns of significance.

So today I embrace my cultural predilection to marvel that five years have passed since taking this project live. Five years of fluctuating productivity and cultural inquiry and complaining and hoping for a more equitable society. Five years of holding on to the spark that flung me into academic bliss.

We’ll see if this blog has five more years in it, and what those years might contain.

Thank you for reading.


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