A Decade of “Contempt”

Huh. Whaddya know? I started this blog a little over ten years ago.

It means what we make it mean.

Temporal milestones offer opportunities to reflect. On origins, evolution, current state, and potential future (or lack thereof). Not least on temporality itself. Decades come fore me more swiftly these days. Ten years since high school, college; then 15. Coming up on 20. I am as old as my parents were. Again. The years whip by, significance ever elusive. How am I old enough to have been friends with some people for a quarter century? Old enough for my youngest cousins, people I remember as babies, to be getting hitched? Such revelations come for us all.

But that is immaterial to this blog and its original project, which was to have a space for my brain to continue thinking anthropologically, historically, critically. To turn analytical tools on the culture I live in. To rail against insidious injustices.

In September, briefly, I decided to be more intentional about focusing on the good. The positive. What was going well. Fell off that wagon quickly, but it’s a wagon worth catching up with. For those of us with a cynical kneejerk, who find negativity and complaint to be cozy bedfellows, however hungover they make the rest of our travels through life, training our attention on positive aspects of reality takes a lot of work. It is reminding ourselves, over and over, to breathe and think of something good. And it turns out, there are many parts of life that attract this attention and warrant gratitude. I continue to relearn this lesson.

One project I’m devoting more attention to these days than this neglected blog:

  • Lost is Found (Every object has a life story; are you listening?)

Blogs, if they persist, change with their creators. I am not who I was ten years ago. Thank goodness. Hopefully I have retained and am adopting what’s of service to the universe.

Along with focusing as much as I can on what is good in life, I am trying to orient toward this thought:

We matter to those who love us.
What we create matters most to the people who already know and love us.
The rest is gravy.



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2 responses to “A Decade of “Contempt”

  1. Good to see a post from you again. You’re absolutely right that blogs change along with their creator (writer? creator sounds too biblical). I made the mistake of re-reading one of my oldest of posts and nearly deleted it! We’re all fine wine in the making, eh? 😉 – Marty

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