Idle Banner Thoughts

A few weeks ago I was driving around town when I saw a banner hanging over an intersection:

“Firefighter’s Association Annual Pancake Breakfast”

I remember attending these as a child, with their mediocre–if plentiful–pancakes, opportunities to sit in fire engines, and probably stickers and balloons. My understanding is that this is a common event around the United States. How did this get started? I understand that part of the purpose is to build awareness about fire safety within a given community, starting with young children, and perhaps raise funds for the organization. Free food is a tried and true method of ensuring attendance at most events.

But what’s the (historical?) connection between pancakes and firefighters?

A breakfast puzzle…



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5 responses to “Idle Banner Thoughts

  1. Sorry Rachel …. I googled this question at least 8 different ways. I found hundreds of pancake breakfasts sponsored by fire departments all over the country … but now one on the history or the “Why?” (You can file this comment under “Inquiring minds want to know” … or “Retired teachers have far too much time on their hands.” Keep writing!!! You’re amazing! 🙂

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  2. I’ve never attended a firefighter pancake breakfast, but growing up Catholic and attending Catholic schools from 8th grade up, these were an annual fundraising staple in that community. I wonder whether there’s something about pancakes that seems like a simple, easy sell for just about anyone looking to bring in easy money.

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  3. Maybe pancakes are to firemen as doughnuts are to policemen? Sorry, that is not a serious response! I remember pancake breakfasts at firehouses too, but I think of them more at churches and VFW halls. – Marty


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