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Poetic Interlude: Special Announcement

I’m thrilled to announce that my first published poem, “Tract Home Take Down” has found a home in the debut issue of Angels Flight • literary west, a new magazine dedicated to celebrating the complex realities of Los Angeles and the artists who live and work here.


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Boomeranging a Meta-Post Beacon into the Void

This is self-reflective and basically an exercise in motivation. A note-to-self, if you will.

The other day, in an escape from familial holiday socialization, I took a brief skim through some of my old posts. Y’know, back when I wrote about things. At first I was searching for one post in particular so I could update it with what I thought was a new insight. (Turns out I’d covered that “new” insight in the original post. Go 2012-me!)

It was through the course of looking for that old post that I paused to read a few others. I was taken aback at the strength of my currently-atrophied critical thinking muscle. Some of that deconstruction I did in 2012 was downright discerning. Huh.

Turns out I used to be able to do this…which I’m willing to bet means I can do it again if I actually try.

It’ll take some time and practice and re-training, but I’m hoping to get back in shape soon.

Resolutions, new leaf, old hat, and all that.

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